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Top 5 Italian Restaurant Chains in America

Spaghetti Restaurant

Just like bars and Chinese take-out locations, Italian Restaurant chains are part of the major lifeblood of American culture in even the smallest of towns. Many of these Italian restaurants have started from nothing but good ideas for nice food, and have exploded to create a restaurant chain that spans across many different states.

Like many people, you might find yourself looking around for a nice new place to try out that delivers hot meals that taste amazing; rather than trying them out all one-by-one, here is a list of the top 5 Italian restaurant chains in America;

Found in more than 25 States, Fazoli’s is one of the most popular brands of Italian restaurant that provided everything from pepperoni bread to shrimp & artichokes. This is a really balanced restaurant in terms of pricing, atmosphere and quality; you get a fine blend of each. Once you visit one Fazoli’s, you’ll be able to see why they are found so regularly across the United States.

Another popular brand of Italian restaurant, this takes on the old-school white table clothed, happy environment that many might be expecting via the popular stereotypes. This first opened up in 1999, and now covers 12 different States across the country. They serve things like sherry tomato soup, butternut squash ravioli and many other Italian treats you might never have tried in the past – they are well worth checking out.

Zio is used across the US, and serves states such as Colorado, Missouri, Kansas, N. Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas to fine effect. It’s got an open kitchen that lets you see the cooking go on in front of you, as well as a real pizzeria style atmosphere’s the food is delicious and varied, the prices are fair, and the people that serve you are lovely – overall, Zio’s is growing quickly across the US and it won’t be long before even more parts of the US are enjoying their cuisine.

Olive Garden
Naturally, this is one of the most commonly recognized Italian restaurants – and with good reason. With more than 800 US locations, this is arguably the biggest of them all. They do Italian cuisine justice with stunning dishes that are absolutely loaded with variety and flavor. Add in the Tour of Italy selection that lets you try key Italian dishes like lasagna, fettuccine and others, and you’ve got one of the most comprehensive eating experiences that you are likely to find for Italian food in the US.
Little Italy

Maggiano’s is another hugely popular Italian name that serves across 22 States, and has done for more than 23 years. Thei quality of service is unparalleled and the quality of the food is much the same; they are a fantastically useful restaurant to have nearby if you ever want quality Italian grub without having to pay through the nose. For private events, though, you can hire private spaces to make sure you get the space and time that you require.